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As a non-profit association, the Echo Innovation Group has been supporting the treatment of problems appeared in the Hungarian society after the turn of the political system for almost two decades. The Group helps the life of local communities with the elaboration of generic or specific conceptions and strategy plans, research partnerships, training projects, service-and system development in two main areas: enhancement of the civil society and the improvement of the life conditions of the young.

Echo Innovation Group is basically formed by sociologists and educators, but several specialists help our work from the area of economics, informatics, human management, psychology, public administration and romology. As the peer problems can generally be solved only in the way of social trust, we co-operate with state and self-governing organizations, scientific research institutes, educational institutes and NGO-s.


The principle of Echo Innovation Group is to work out multidisciplinary projects, namely to collect specialists from different areas, who can find a relatively recent answer to the question.
The Group wishes to give opportunity to young, entrant specialists to gain professional practice working on concrete projects and to begin their career with programs which offer solution to real social problems.
The aim of the Group is to remain an independent, strong and stable NGO which can be the professional member of the non-profit Echo Network.

The aims of the Group:

1. Alternative educational models, the introduction of the methodology of non-formal and global education by evolving use-centered models.
2. Monitoring the problems and forming the content of Hungarian educational system.
3. The presentation of holistic approached lifestyle-models towards the youth, and the boost of a physical, mental, communal, environmental personality improvement approach.
4. The preparation of the local society, mainly the youth for challenges coming from the different cultural backgrounds with the development of conformation, communication, tolerance and the forming of the approach of intercultural learning.
5. To help that the local society especially the education, the local democracy and the problems of the young receive the biggest publicity possible.
6. To help the settlement communities with local youth development programs in order to achieve biggest efficiency in their youth task.
7. The boost of the local democracy in the way of development of formal or informal groups of the civil society and the enhancement of its control role.

Our Group completes its tasks written in the Memorandum of Association through application projects, in addition, the improvement and training of our collaborators and volunteers are really important for us. Besides, it is the task of the Group to coordinate the organizations founded by the association, the actuation of Echo Network as a non-profit human research and development network, and the maintenance of Echo Intra inner communication system.

The constitution of the association
Report of public utility 2005
Professional report of 2005

Short retrospection:

The Echo Education research Workshop, as the predecesssor in title of Echo Innovation Group was created in 1997 by ten enthusiastic young men in order to reveal and reduce the social problems. The association made researches mainly in the areas of education, juvenile issues, civil sphere, rural development, local public life and mental hygiene problems. Since 1999, the association has been working as public benefit organzitaion. We presented our programs in primary and secondary schools, local governments of townships, and in the institutions of local cultural and civil life. In the last years our programs affected more than a thousand educators and adult helpers, and almost three hundred institutions. Currently, besides the incubator programs the association is operating the Kaptár program of Echo Network, which helps and coordinates our volunteers’work, and the association maintains the training center of Echo Network in Székesfehérvár.

Agóra Rural Development Foundation:
The Echo Educational Research Workshop established an open, public benefit foundation, named Agóra Rural Development Foundation, in order to develop the civil organizations of the rural places, and to help the underprivileged townships and settlements of the country. The primary tasks of the Foundation are the organization and the support of programs which help to develop the rural and local civil society, in addition, the actuation of a training center and a rural development consultency. The Foundation operates the training center of Echo Network in Ácsteszér.

Echo Survey Sociological Research Institute:
In 2003 the members of Echo Innovation Group decided to separate the research and the development works from each other in order to give the chance of further improvement. The Echo Survey Sociological Research Institute, which plays a significant role in national and international sociological research life, grew out of the youth research activity of the Echo Innovation Group. The Institute maintains the public Echo Library and the Echo Research Center.

Green Apple Health Development Foundation:
In 2005 Echo Network has broadened as the Association established the independent public benefit organisation Green Apple Health Development Foundation in order to improve the health development in the region, based on drug prevention and healthy lifestyle. According to our plans Green Apple Health Development Foundation will operate the drug ambulance and help the communal care of addicts doing peer prevention works.

Contact information:
Echo Innovation Group
Year of establishment: 1997.
15 Forgó street
H-8000 Székesfehérvár

Phone: +36 (22) 502-276, +36 (22) 314-123
Fax: +36 (22) 379-622

Questions, remarks and comments are welcome on the following adress:
Should you require further information concerning the development work of Echo Innovation Group please, contact us:

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