By joining the European Union, a new chapter has begun in the life of Hungary and it has an effect on the life of the young, giving them an extra possibility. It means a great challenge for the human service institutions, especially keeping the question of the teenagers’ equality in view. We should prepare for the new situation with a new development and innovationn scripts. The global point of view, the intercultural learning and the multilateral youth connections are all helping the youth in the conservation of their identity and living their life open to the world. In our connection with the youth we would like to teach them the naturality of cohabitation with other cultures, the active participation, separatness, and a supporting approach as well. A part of our youth projects are happening with co-operation with international partners. First of all international youth exchange programs, camps, reception and sending of volunteers, and trainings on a higher level mean the frame of all of these. We aspire to find foreigner partners, who we can share experiences with.

Current projects:

  • Participation in the work of the European Associations and Councils Network.

Finished projects:

  • under co-operation the reception of volunteers from the Fédération de la Jeunesse Canadienne Francaise Association. (2005)
  • Intercultural Bridge (ICB) – Youth Exchange Program (2004)
  • National Values Against Intolerance – Youth Exchange Program (2004)
  • Our negatives towards immigrants and refugees – Youth Exchange Program (2004)
  • Study trip to Libanon (2005)
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