The goal of the Kaptár program is to form an active, open network with the contribution of young volunteers connected to the programs of Echo Network. We are giving several skills and knowledges through trainings and group developing days, filmclub, participation in international and local youth programs and in addition, we help them to fulfill their plans. We assure a club place for them, the furniture and programs which they are responsible for.

The mission of the program is complex. We would like to contribute to the conformation of an active young generation who are sensitive to the social problems and interested in the public life. We would like to give the possibility to the youth to give a chance to their creative thoughts and innovative point of view during useful programs. Besides, we inspire them to participate in the local public life in order to develop their own microcommunity. During all of these their skills are developing and their level of self-knowledge is growing at the same time.

The program aims to converge the formal and informal education system to each other, especially regarding the practical teaching of language learning, community development, conflict treatment and the communication knowledges. We pay peculiar attention to involve the underprivileged young - disabled, orphan, inhabitants of backward townships, and deviant - in our programs.

The leader of the Kaptár program is István Bakos ibakos@echosurvey.hu

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