The project


1 September 2005 – 31 July 2006

The reduction of the local democratic deficit with the amplification of the civil sector in Székesfehérvár.
The goal of the program is the amplification of the co-operation between the local government and the civil sphere in the town, the improvement of democratic monitoring mechanisms and the establishment of the basics of the partnership between the civil sector and local government. The target groups of the program are mainly 20-25 civil organizations in the town who - according to its size and history - can be suitable for ensuring the controll of decisions of the local government and the transparency of decision-making mechanisms, besides the target group is the decision-making authority itself.
One of the main aims of the projects is to qualify the local community for making the local government’s decisions and decision-making mechanisms transparent for the local community.

Basically the project consists of three periods.
First period: data gathering, analysis of data and the cultivation of an appraising procedure model.
Second period: the preparation of the civil organizations by employing complex methods in order to develop the competence.
In the third period we make a website and on-line database, which supports and completes the development work virtually. In this period the local public club begins to function in the town.

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